Stock no:Potosi

The Potosi under full sail 

A large mid 20th century oak cased scratch built carved wooden barque sailing ship in excellent condition


Potosi named after the Bolivian town of Potosi (highest city in the world) was a five-masted steel barque built in 1895 by Joh. C. Tecklenborg ship yard in GeestemündeGermany, for the sailing ship company F. Laeisz as a trading vessel. Its primary purpose was as a "nitrate clipper" collecting guano in South America for use in chemical companies in Germany (mainly for making explosives and fertiliser). As its shipping route was between Germany and Chile, it was designed to be capable of withstanding the rough weather encountered around Cape Horn. The total number of officers and crew for the Potosi, was 44 men. The ship could carry 6,400 tons of cargo, and with good weather conditions attain a speed of 19 knots. But the voyage speed average was pulled down by the long spells of calm between the trade winds.   

Case size

53"w x 30"h x 14"d

132cm w x 76cm h x 36cm d















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